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 Refresh with a Complete Overview of Termination Without Cause

Termination of one’s employment can be incredibly stressful. This stress can be even further augmented when the termination is “without cause”, when employees are left confused as to why their…

The Ban on Non-Competition Agreements: How to Continue to Protect Your Business

In our recent blog, we wrote about Ontario’s Bill 27, the Working for Workers Act, 2021, which proposed new changes to several pieces of legislation, including the Employment Standards Act,…

What is “Unjust Dismissal”?

While the terms wrongful and unjust dismissal are often used interchangeably, unjust dismissal strictly applies to employees who are employed by federally regulated employers. In this blog, we discuss what…

Employment Law Essentials Pt. 1: Choosing an Employment Lawyer

Many people’s first interaction with the legal system comes when they experience problems related to their workplace (workplace harassment, wrongful dismissal, issues with human rights, or bonus pay & stock…