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What is the average payout for constructive dismissal?

Constructive dismissal occurs where an employer does not fire an employee but instead changes the working conditions for an employee to the extent that it is considered a termination of…

Can I claim constructive dismissal even after I resign?

It depends. If you resigned because the workplace became an intimidating environment or because of a serious breach of the terms of your contract, then it may be possible to…

What can you receive if you are constructively dismissed?

If an employer is found to have constructively dismissed an employee, the employee is entitled to a termination package because the employee may be able to treat the employment contract…

Do I have a constructive dismissal case?

Generally, when an employer unilaterally reduces employee compensation or significantly alters job duties, the employee can choose to reject the changes and treat their employment as ended. If your employer…

What is constructive dismissal in Canada?

In Canada, constructive dismissal can be raised in one of two ways. The first instance occurs when an employer’s single act violates an essential term of an employee’s employment contract.…