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Can an employer dismiss an employee for violating a workplace policy?

In short, yes. An employer can dismiss an employee for violating a workplace policy. The employer must act in good faith when dismissing an employee and ensure the dismissal was…

Can my boss fire me if I called in sick and lied about it?

The simple answer is yes. Courts have generally held across Canada that discharge is an appropriate penalty for employees making false medical claims and/or lying about being sick. The reason…

Is it hard to fight back if my employer fires me for cause?

If an employee’s employment is terminated “for cause”, the employer has the right to avoid providing “reasonable notice”. Is there anything I can do? Yes! It is very difficult for…

Am I entitled to severance pay if terminated for “Just Cause”?

If an employer terminates an employee’s employment for just cause, the employee will not be entitled to reasonable notice of dismissal. Additionally, employees who are terminated for cause may not…

What is “Just Cause” termination?

In Ontario, an employer can terminate an employee’s employment for just cause, which if upheld, will deny the employee to common law pay-in-lieu of notice. If the conduct is serious…