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Back to the Workplace After COVID-19: Anticipating & Responding to Work Refusals

This week the Ontario Government announced its three-stage plan for re-opening the economy. Given this announcement and the reality that employers will soon see their workplaces returning to some semblance…

New COVID-19 Management Obligations for Employers of Foreign Workers

While the Government of Canada recognizes the importance of temporary foreign workers to the Canadian labour market, they also recognize that managing COVID-19 (a virus that knows no borders), requires…

Top Tips for Employers: Avoiding Liability at Office Holiday Events

With the holiday season upon us, it’s a good time to visit cautionary points relating to annual holiday parties and other festive events.  The laws governing an employer-employee relationship, including…

Wrongful Dismissal: Allegations of Cause can Have Costly Consequences

Employees are sometimes accused by their employers of misconduct. This then can result in an employer terminating the employee’s employment “for cause”. This can be a serious issue for employees…

Understanding Employment Law 03

Duty to Investigate Workplace Issues Many employers will be aware of the need to investigate allegations of workplace human rights abuses. The duty to investigate is, however, not one limited…