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Ontario Ministry of Labour Returning to Pre Bill 148 Public Holiday Formula

Following feedback and discussion with stakeholders, the Ontario Government has announced that it will, at least temporarily, revoke a controversial change to the public holiday pay formula recently introduced by…

Employers cannot always rely on mitigation to reduce liability

In Brake v. PJ-M2R Restaurant Inc. the Ontario Court of Appeal imposed limitations on an employer’s ability to rely on a former employee’s mitigation earnings to reduce its liability. Background…

Ontario Superior Court Rules that Employees Can Sue for Workplace Harassment While Remaining Employed

The Ontario Superior Court has recently ruled that employees can bring an independent civil action in relation to workplace harassment that is unrelated to another legal right or protection. Until…

Supreme Court of Canada Rules that Anti-Drug Policy is Not Discriminatory

Supreme Court of Canada Rules that Anti-Drug Policy is Not Discriminatory The Supreme Court of Canada, in Stewart v Elk Valley Coal Corp., 2017 SCC 30, recently upheld an Alberta…

Budget 2017: Decoding Proposed Changes to Leave Entitlements and EI Benefits

The Federal Government’s newly released Budget 2017: Building a Strong Middle Class proposes changes to leave entitlements and Employment Insurance (“EI”) benefits that are relevant to employers and employees alike.…