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Failed drug test derails CPR worker’s employment

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, discusses the dismissal of an Ontario railway worker for testing positive for cannabis following an incident at work.

Canada’s immigration response to war in Ukraine

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, discusses, Canada’s immigration response to the war in Ukraine and Ukrainians entering and remaining in Canada under the CUAET.

COVID long-haulers dealing with issues accessing financial assistance

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, recently spoke to CityNews about how COVID long-haulers should respond when their insurance companies discontinue coverage.

The challenges and opportunities of hiring workers based outside of Canada

Sharaf Sultan recent interview with the Globe and Mail on the options available to employers who want to tap into the foreign talent markets and the challenges each one poses.

Ontario to introduce legislation forcing employers to tell employees if they are tracking them electronically

In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, Sharaf Sultan spoke about the new legislation in Ontario that will force employers to disclose if they track employees electronically

Employer’s ban on medical cannabis discriminatory: arbitrator

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, discusses an Ontario decision regarding zero-tolerance policies and medical cannabis.

Immigration: COVID-19’s effect and Canada’s response

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, discusses COVID-19’s effect on Immigration in Canada and what the country can expect in 2022.

Better access to regulated professions for Ontario newcomers

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, discusses Bill 27: Working for Workers Act, 2021 and what some of the new amendments mean for newcomers trying to enter the Canadian workforce.

Concerns About Returning To The Workplace

On CTV Toronto, Things to Know T.O., Principal, Sharaf Sultan, answers questions about returning to the workplace as some restrictions lift.

How has the pandemic impacted employment and immigration?

On CTV Toronto, Things to Know T.O., Principal, Sharaf Sultan, explains more about legal rights when it comes to employment and immigration.

My Rights as A Foreign Worker Facing Harassment in The Workplace

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (“TFWP”) in Canada is a government initiative designed to allow Canadian employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis when they are unable to…

I Was Terminated on a Closed Work Permit, Now What?

Navigating the Canadian job market can be both exciting and challenging. It’s even more challenging if you are a foreign worker on a closed work permit and your employment was…

Filing A Human Rights Complaint in Ontario

Human rights offer direction and protections within the workplace, fostering fair and respectful environments where everyone has equal access to opportunities. If you believe you are facing discrimination or harassment…