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Concerns About Returning To The Workplace

On CTV Toronto, Things to Know T.O., Principal, Sharaf Sultan, answers questions about returning to the workplace as some restrictions lift.

How has the pandemic impacted employment and immigration?

On CTV Toronto, Things to Know T.O., Principal, Sharaf Sultan, explains more about legal rights when it comes to employment and immigration.

Employees’ common questions about return-to-work answered

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves in Canada, questions persist around what work will look like moving forward. Partner, Sharaf Sultan, recently sat down with the National Post and answered a few of these pressing questions.

How are the courts responding to online harassment in the workplace?

On CTV Toronto, Things To Know TO, Principal, Sharaf Sultan explains the expansion of laws pertaining to online harassment and human rights.

What employees should know if they’re temporarily laid off or terminated

On CTV Toronto, Things To Know TO, Principal, Sharaf Sultan, shares his advice for employees who have been temporarily laid off or terminated.

How to Deal With a Condescending Coworker

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, spoke to UpJourney and shared his advice on how to deal with a condescending coworker.

Are you testing for drugs or for alcohol?

Sharaf Sultan, Principal, Sultan Lawyers, discusses the level of personal intrusion that is warranted when testing employees for drugs or alcohol.

Migrant worker says he was fired from Ontario farm, faced deportation after voicing COVID-19 fear

Sharaf Sultan, Principal, Sultan Lawyers, speaks to Matt Galloway, CBC’s, The Current, calling for more protections through Canada’s immigration laws.

This law firm is helping workers and businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis

Sultan Lawyers’ response to COVID-19 is just one way the employment law firm is helping Toronto’s diverse, sophisticated workforce transform the city into a globally leading economic metropolis.

COVID-19 and Employment

Principal, Sharaf Sultan, was a guest on HiFi Radio with “The Wolf on Bay Street” Wolfgang Klein, discussing the changing employment landscape due to COVID-19.


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