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Toronto Immigration Lawyers Advising Employers on Securing Work Permits Using Labour Market Impact Assessment Exemptions

At Sultan Lawyers in Toronto, we have a dedicated team of personnel who are intimately familiar with specific strategies that can be implemented to avoid going through the time-consuming and costly process that is often associated with requesting a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

We recognize that our clients are keenly interested in securing foreign talent in a timely fashion and therefore we are committed to using our in-depth knowledge of immigration laws and policies to develop strategies that ensure the successful transfer of employees to Canada with limited interruption to the flow of business. We are intimately familiar with policy-based exemptions to the Labour Market Impact Assessment process, as further outlined below.

Employee Entry into Canada Under the Significant Benefit Exemption

Immigration law permits employers/applicants to apply for and obtain work permits for certain personnel without the requirement to first secure a Labour Market Impact Assessment if the presence of the person in Canada will create a significant social and cultural benefit to Canada.

Immigration officers generally hold a great deal of discretion when it comes to authorizing entry under this category and therefore it is imperative to have experienced immigration counsel to guide employers through the process of preparing the work permit application and establishing within it (through drafting and documentary proof) that the person’s presence in Canada is crucial and that their experience and expertise make them uniquely valuable to Canadians and permanent residents.

Employee Entry into Canada Under the Recipricol Employment Exemption

Immigration law recognizes the contributions that employers in Canada present to Canadians and permanent residents abroad, and in cases where an employer can successfully demonstrate that they provide employment opportunities to Canadians and permanent residents outside of Canada, the issuance of a work permit to a foreign national without the requirement to first obtain a positive/neutral Labour Market Impact Assessment can be justified.

To successfully use this reciprocal employment category it is imperative to satisfy the reviewing officer that authorizing the entry of the foreign national will result in a neutral impact to the labour market given the reciprocal opportunities provided to Canadians and permanent residents abroad.

Under this category, the onus is on the employer and/or applicant to demonstrate that reciprocity exists. Officers generally expect to see certain kinds of evidence of the relevant reciprocal exchanges to justify the entry and therefore it is important to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer about preparing an application under this category.

At Sultan Lawyers we routinely prepare successful applications for work permits relying on various types of reciprocal opportunities offered by employers to Canadians and permanent residents abroad.

Contact Sultan Lawyers in Toronto for Advice for Employers on Lab0ur Market Impact Assessment Exemptions

The Toronto workplace immigration lawyers at Sultan Lawyers regularly advise Canadian and global employer clients across various sectors on the movement of employees using policy-based Labour Market Impact Assessment exempt categories. We offer flat rate consultations specifically designed to provide our clients with the information and tools they need to manage their issue and keep business moving. Contact us online or at 416-214-5111 for a consultation.

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