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As a foreign worker, you have the same right to transition pay to assist you in finding alternative employment. This can include significant and often higher compensation than a Canadian or permanent resident because of the additional challenges of finding employment as a foreign worker (particularly if you hold a closed work permit). Courts have accordingly often granted foreign workers much higher notice payments to support them as they transition to another employer (and deal with the additional immigration challenges).

Given this, foreign workers who have had their employment terminated may wish to speak with counsel with a strong background in both employment and immigration law so that they can advise appropriately as to whether you have been wrongfully dismissed in law and, if so, what payments you are may be entitled to support you in transitioning from your last employment.

If you are a foreign worker who has recently been fired, and you are unsure whether you have legal status to remain in Canada, or you interested in understanding your rights, please contact Toronto employment and immigration lawyersSultan Lawyers, at (416) 214-5111 or via email to mlahert@sultanlawyers.com

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