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Many people’s first interaction with the legal system comes when they experience problems related to their workplace (workplace harassment, wrongful dismissal, issues with human rights, or bonus pay & stock options etc.) and need to retain an employment lawyer. It is important to select an employment lawyer who can make this stressful time as pain-free as possible.

Below we have outlined some tips for choosing an employment lawyer.

Seek out recommendations and read reviews

When searching for an employment lawyer, friends, family, and colleagues are a great source of referral, especially if they’ve used the employment lawyer in the past.

Also, consider reading online reviews (Google reviews/testimonials) to get a sense of how others have experienced the services offered by the lawyer/law firm.

You can read Google reviews for Sultan Lawyers here.

Choose a lawyer you like and trust

Since you will be spending time interacting with your lawyer and their team, it is important to select a lawyer that you like and whose personality and values match with yours.

The relationship you have with your lawyer is important, as a strong relationship between lawyer and client can positively contribute to facilitating a resolution of matters and the achievement of desired outcomes. The better your lawyer understands your needs, priorities, and values, the more likely they will be able to achieve the desired result for you. Therefore, choose a lawyer who you can trust and whose priorities align with yours.

At Sultan Lawyers we are committed to developing long-standing relationships with our clients and providing practical advice that clients can depend on to meet their needs.

Choose a lawyer with experience and expertise

Employment law is complex and dynamic, so it is important to find a lawyer who is a specialist in the field. It can be particularly advantageous to find a lawyer who practices for both employers and employees since practicing in both areas can assist the lawyer in developing a balanced view of the strengths and weaknesses of a case and a good sense of what strategy an opponent may use.

When choosing an employment lawyer, feel free to ask about the lawyer’s experience or read about their insights into particular matters (e.g. papers they have drafted, blog posts they have written etc.) in order to get a sense of the lawyer’s expertise.

At Sultan Lawyers we practice for both employers and employees. You can read about the lawyers practicing at our firm and their expertise here.

Consider legal fees in a balanced manner

Financial matters are important to consider when choosing an employment lawyer. The best lawyers will have transparent fee structures, which will be set out in writing and brought to your attention during your consultation or in your retainer.

The fees lawyers charge generally depend on the experience and reputation of the law firm and the amount of work a lawyer undertakes for you (most employment law firms in Ontario charge on an hourly basis). Feel free to ask questions about how the lawyer you are considering charges for their fees and how you will be expected to pay your legal fees (i.e. up-front, at the end as a lump sum, via monthly bills etc.).

We also advise against basing a decision concerning who to retain as counsel on legal fees alone. While it is always wise to consider potential legal fees, when selecting counsel one should consider that good quality legal services are provided at a cost. Therefore you should be wary of counsel or law firms that offer “free” legal services or that provide unrealistic estimates of potential legal fees.

At Sultan Lawyers we provide up-front and transparent information about our fee structure and we do so on an ongoing basis. Please contact Majella Lahert to learn more about our lawyer’s rates and our available fee structures.

Choose a lawyer in a convenient location

It is ideal to hire a local lawyer so that you can easily meet with them for face-to-face meetings as needed.  This can help to establish a better working relationship between you and your lawyer. A local lawyer will also better understand the specifics of the market in which you work and how to navigate this to contribute to a positive result.  Further, if you and your lawyer decide to start a lawsuit, having a local lawyer will often assist in keeping costs related to travelling for appearances in court down. 

Sultan Lawyers is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto and along the subway line. We have public parking located directly across the street from our offices. Furthermore, we are open late on Thursdays to better serve you and can offer our services over the phone or via Skype or similar platforms, if you prefer.

For more information on our services and how we can assist with your employment or workplace immigration needs, please contact Toronto employment lawyers Sultan Lawyers by calling 416-214-5111 or here.

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