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As COVD-19 dominates our lives (and the headlines), people are rightfully focused on managing the fallout and its impact on the health and economic security of their families, friends and colleagues.

As employment lawyers, we have worked for clients throughout the years to ensure that they successfully manage extraordinary events and the related impact on their employment such as layoffs, terminations of employment, or otherwise. The same applies to COVID-19 as we continue to assist employees and their organizations through this period.

While crises such as COVID-19 can be almost unimaginably stressful, we have found that there are some clear distinguishing factors that help people not only survive but thrive following the passing of an extraordinary event.

As we head into the Easter Weekend, we thought it would be timely to provide some of the most important points so that we don’t lose sight of these positive elements during the holiday period.

1. Maintain openness and honesty

Identifying and acknowledging points of stress is important. People (perhaps as a result of a human instinct to avoid danger) tend to respond to stressful events, at least initially, by hiding their fears and/or not vocalizing their concerns, particularly with those closest to them. This is not helpful.

The challenges we are facing are widespread and no one is immune to their impact, directly or indirectly. To this point, even if you are fortunate enough to maintain your personal economic stability (i.e. if your industry and/or role is in high demand now) and/or the security of your health (you have not contracted COVID-19 or you are asymptomatic), someone close to you has likely been impacted.

By being honest about the impact these challenges can have, it can help to better identify points of stress and contribute to effectively managing the circumstances.

2. Value the time with family and friends

Not being able to take part in a traditional Easter understandably will leave many people disheartened. It also does not help that there are so many uncertainties as to when this crisis will abate, and when the recovery will begin.

Given all this, and while it may be hard to imagine now, once this crisis passes, there will be aspects of the period of COVID-19 that we look upon fondly.

Likely, it will be the special moments we have had with our family and friends, whether in person, over the phone or on video chat, strengthening our connections and receiving valuable advice that will help us to refocus on our longer-term goals.

While undoubtedly this time will include moments of tension, it will also include positive periods that will be valued for years to come. Let’s not lose sight of this silver lining.

3. Using this time to reflect on career and business

We often find that, because of the sheer complexity and pressures of the modern economy, it is hard to find the time to simply reflect.

While it is, of course, important to pay close attention to the present circumstances, it is rare (almost unprecedented) that we are forced as a society to reduce the volume of daily interactions.

While there are undoubtedly negative aspects to this, it also provides an opportunity to simply reflect on where we are in our careers and whether our goals are being met, professionally and personally.

Clients who have used temporary crises and/or circumstances beyond their control to ensure that they are on a general path that matches their goals have more often than not actually thrived by managing to turn an unfortunate circumstance into one that results in a substantial improvement to their career trajectory while improving the quality of their lives (and personal relationships).

To this end, we have had countless conversations with our clients about how, in retrospect, a terrible circumstance which we have assisted them through ironically contributed to an important and positive change to their lives.

Bottom line, by taking some time, it is indeed possible to find silver linings, even in the worst of circumstances. In the meantime, Happy Easter to All, from the team at Sultan Lawyers.