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If a business/workplace is shut down in relation to COVID-19 and a worker is unable to work from home, then an employer might choose to trigger a temporary lay-off.

It’s important to note that, just because your employer chooses to trigger a temporary layoff, it does not mean that you must accept it.  This is because temporary layoffs are not appropriate for all employees or in all industries. For this reason, it is good to secure independent legal advice if you are the subject of a temporary layoff.

If you have been informed that your temporary layoff has become permanent, or that your employment has been terminated, then you may be entitled to a severance package, even if your employer has temporarily closed due to Ontario’s order to close.

If you have had your employment terminated or been laid-off because of COVID-19 and want to know your rights, or if you have any questions relating to your employment, layoff, wrongful dismissal or otherwise, please contact Toronto employment lawyers, Sultan Lawyers at 416-214-5111 or via email at mlahert@sultanlawyers.com.