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While it may be surprising to hear this, the answer is yes. Having said this, although you may be fired during your maternity leave, the fact that you are on maternity leave cannot be a reason/factor for the employer in firing you. This means that an employer cannot use the excuse that they, for example, terminated for performance reasons, but that the decision was a combination of this and the fact that you were, for example, about to begin maternity leave or are on leave. What this means is that it is illegal for an employer to use any of the following to be a factor (even 1%) in making a decision to terminate a person’s employment: pregnancy (of them or their partner), a plan to go onto maternity leave, being on leave, or having returned from leave.

If you feel that maternity leave was a factor in the manner an employer has treated you, then you have a range of powerful legal options to you that should be explored so that you are in the best position to decide how to proceed. If you believe your termination was a reprisal for going on maternity leave and are seeking legal advice, please contact Toronto employment lawyers, Sultan Lawyers at 416-214-5111 or via email to khayward@sultanlawyers.com.

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