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The simple answer is no.

In Ontario, employers do not have an obligation to give a reason for terminating an employment relationship, however, an employer is obligated to provide the employee with reasonable notice, as per Ontario’s Employment Standards Act.  This notice can be provided either through the provision of working notice or pay in lieu of working notice. Despite this, employees can always ask the employer what the reason for termination is. It is important to note that while no reason for termination is legally required by an employer, there are particular circumstances in which a termination could be deemed unlawful, such as:

  1. For reasons that appear to be retaliatory in nature following your insistence on enforcing your entitlement under the Employment Standards Act;
  2. For a reason that is considered discriminatory based on one of the protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code; and
  3. For inquiring about a health and safety issue or refusing to do unsafe work as protected by the Occupational Health and Safety Act

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