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Ontario’s Human Rights Code, the province’s human rights legislation, protects employees from being discriminated against for certain reasons by their employers. Employers cannot discriminate against you because of your: (1) Race, (2) Ancestry, (3) Place of origin, (4) Ethnic origin, (5) Citizenship, (6) Religion, (7) Sex/pregnancy, (8) Sexual orientation, (9) Gender expression/Gender identity, (10) Age, (11) Family status (12) Marital status, (13) Colour, (14) Creed,  (15) record of offences or (16) Disability. These are known as protected grounds under Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

If you are being discriminated against at work, it is important to keep a record of everything that has happened.  It is advisable to keep a notebook and take notes of instances or incidents by date. Making a record of discriminatory behaviour soon after it takes place will also make things easier to remember. If the behaviour occurs over a period of time, keeping a record of this will assist in establishing a pattern of behaviour.

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