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This work permit is for foreign workers in Canada who hold a valid employer-specific work permit, or a permit issued under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, and are being abused or are at risk of being abused at work. If a foreign worker meets these conditions, they may apply for an open work permit for vulnerable workers.

This open work permit allows foreign workers to work for almost any Canadian employer, allowing those at risk to find a new job outside of the employer specified on their original work permit. The open work permit is temporary, and is designed to help transition a foreign worker away from an abusive employer and allow them some time to apply for a new work permit with a new employer.

Abuse may be physical, psychological, sexual or financial. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada list examples of abuse that consists of any of the following below:

  • physical abuse, including assault and forcible confinement
  • sexual abuse, including sexual contact without consent
  • psychological abuse, including threats and intimidation
  • financial abuse, including fraud and extortion

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