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An employer should consider whether a “one size fits all” policy that uniformly applies to all employees is best, or if it is more appropriate to use a case-by-case approach.

Further, it is beneficial for the employer to consider whether it will include alternatives to vaccination in the policy, and if so, what the alternatives will be. Common alternatives to mandatory vaccination are rapid testing, increasing the personal protective equipment provided to staff, remote work (if applicable), or modification of work duties.

Some factors to consider when creating or enforcing a mandatory vaccine policy include:

  • Whether employees can remotely execute their job duties;
  • Whether employees work with vulnerable people;
  • Whether the job requires close contact with others;
  • Whether employees are eligible for an exemption from vaccination based on a protected ground under the applicable human rights legislation;
  • Whether employees work outdoors;
  • Whether employees wish to keep their vaccination status confidential.

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