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Rights are Expanding for Employees of the Gig Economy

The traditional workplace model has been significantly disrupted in recent years. This is an important issue for individuals and a concern for legal advisors, including employment lawyers in Toronto and…

True or False: Common Misconceptions About Ontario’s Employment Standards Act

Most employers and employees have a decent grasp of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the “ESA”). Despite this, we often find that there are many common misconceptions about what the…

Let’s Talk Workplace Policies

Two weeks ago, McDonald’s made headlines when it was announced that their CEO, Steve Easterbrook would be leaving the company. The decision came after it became known to McDonald’s that…

Wrongful Dismissal: Allegations of Cause can Have Costly Consequences

Employees are sometimes accused by their employers of misconduct. This then can result in an employer terminating the employee’s employment “for cause”. This can be a serious issue for employees…