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New Year, New Laws: What Changes Are Coming to Employment Law in Canada?

The new year rings in new laws and rules, bringing Canadians better working conditions, modernized standards, and wage fairness. Employees and employers will be affected by the introduction of the…

How Enforceable Are Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Clauses, Really?

Restrictive covenants in an employment context seek to limit a former employee’s ability to compete for and/or solicit clients in the industry once the employment relationship is terminated. Think non-competition…

Workplace Harassment & Federal Workers: What Changes are Coming and How Will They Impact You?

Thanks to Bill C-65, significant amendments to the Canada Labour Code (“the Code”)(the employment and workplace laws that impact federal workers) are expected to become law in 2020. Specifically, and…

Can an Employer Profit From Treating Employees Unfairly?

What will the Supreme Court of Canada say about employers’ good faith obligations to employees and how it applies to circumstances where an employee is forced to leave their employment? …