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I am a foreign worker on implied status. My Social Insurance Number (“SIN”) has expired and my employer is insisting that I can no longer legally work in Canada. Is this true?

No. If you are on implied status, meaning that you applied to extend your work permit prior to the expiry of your initial permit, you may continue to work under…

I am currently under implied status. Am I allowed to exit and re-enter Canada?

Generally, yes. Foreign nationals who leave Canada may be able to re-enter Canada provided that they have a multi-entry visa allowing them to enter, or alternatively they are from a…

What happens to my implied status if my application to extend my work permit is refused?

If your application is refused while you are on implied status, you will immediately and effectively be out of status in Canada. Therefore, given that you have no legal standing…

What is “implied status”?

Simply put, implied status means that a foreign national continues to maintain their legal immigration status in Canada until a decision is rendered on their application to extend their stay.…