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What is the best way to manage an employee’s disability?

The Employment Standards Act requires employers to make reasonable efforts to alter the workplace so that it is more suitable for the employee’s needs in relation to their physical or…

What can I do if I am being discriminated against at work?

Ontario’s Human Rights Code, the province’s human rights legislation, protects employees from being discriminated against for certain reasons by their employers. Employers cannot discriminate against you because of your: (1)…

When can an employer ask for a police record check?

The Ontario Police Record Checks Reform Act was specifically designed to standardize the process of obtaining criminal record checks and to prevent the disclosure of unnecessary information. This Act provides…

Can a potential employer ask me if I have a criminal record?

In Ontario, the Police Record Checks Reform Act sets out the parameters in which employers may ask about your criminal record. This greatly depends on why the employer is asking…

What can a potential employer ask me in an interview?

In Ontario, the Ontario Human Rights Code (“the Code”) protects a potential candidate from human rights violations that can arise as part of the hiring process. Interviews are intended to…

Can I be fired for taking too many sick days?

Employees in Ontario are entitled to a minimum of three (3) personal illness days per calendar year under the Employment Standards Act. Employers must accommodate their employees’ needs to take…