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My employer is changing the name of the company. Do I have to apply for a new work permit?

Generally, yes. If your employer has changed the name of the company, you are required to demonstrate the name change and provide proof of the links between the new company…

What happens to foreign workers when their employer merges with another company or is acquired?

Generally, a foreign worker is not required to secure a new work permit in the following circumstance: The companies (i.e., the original employer and the new employer) run the same…

I did not apply to extend my work permit prior to the expiry date. What are my options?

You may be eligible to restore your status as a temporary worker if you meet the following requirements: Submit an application to restore your status within 90 days of the…

Can I change employers under my current work permit?

Subject to narrow exemptions, foreign nationals must apply for a new work permit before changing positions and/or employers. This is because most work permits limit a foreign worker’s employment in…

Do foreign workers have to pay their employer back for relocation related costs, such as fees associated with obtaining a work permit?

No. Foreign workers are protected at both the federal and provincial levels.  For example, Ontario has specific employment protections for foreign workers. The Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act (“EPFNA”)…