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Am I entitled to additional damages if my employer acted in bad faith when I was terminated?

It depends. Ontario courts have found several instances of employers acting with what is known as “bad faith” during the course of termination and have awarded the terminated employees additional…

Can an employee take their employer to court for wrongful dismissal instead of filing a claim with the Ministry of Labour?

An employee can decide to bring a wrongful dismissal claim against their employer. With that being said, it is important to note that a claim for wrongful dismissal filed with…

I’ve been fired. Does my employer have to tell me why I was terminated?

The simple answer is no. In Ontario, employers do not have an obligation to give a reason for terminating an employment relationship, however, an employer is obligated to provide the…

What is the difference between “wrongful dismissal”, “constructive dismissal”, and “unjust dismissal”?

Each of these terms have distinct meanings, and it is important to understand the differences. Here, we provide an overview of the terminology and the circumstances in which they apply.…

What is wrongful dismissal in Ontario?

In Ontario, an employee is wrongfully dismissed if their employer terminates their employment without giving them proper notice of termination or the equivalent compensation in place of the notice. It…