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Mass Terminations and Severance Pay

It is always shocking when an Employer terminates a considerable number of employees in one fell swoop, and even more unsettling when you find yourself subject to a mass termination.…

Rights are Expanding for Employees of the Gig Economy

The traditional workplace model has been significantly disrupted in recent years. This is an important issue for individuals and a concern for legal advisors, including employment lawyers in Toronto and…

Workplace Harassment & Federal Workers: What Changes are Coming and How Will They Impact You?

Thanks to Bill C-65, significant amendments to the Canada Labour Code (“the Code”)(the employment and workplace laws that impact federal workers) are expected to become law in 2020. Specifically, and…

How do I Enforce My Rights if I am Part of a Union?

What is a Union? What Does it Do? Unions are comprised of union representatives or stewards and union members. Union representatives/stewards represent union members and work to ensure that employers…